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If you are looking for a concrete professional who can provide you with the best results for your concrete driveways, stamped concrete, pool decks, concrete pavers, concrete pouring, decorative concrete and concrete patios, then you came into the right place. We are the Walnut Creek concrete contractor that has been serving Walnut Creek for years at a very reasonable price. Diamond Concrete Co., has been in the forefront of the concrete and masonry business in Walnut. Our thousands of satisfied customers can attest to our claims and we take pride in all of the jobs that have been completed on time and on budget.

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Leading Concrete Contractor in Walnut Creek

Diamond Concrete Co., is the most trusted and the most efficient concrete contractor in Walnut. Staffed with the most reliable and skilled masons and concrete engineers, our company can readily answer all your questions and ultimately provide you with the right solutions to all your concrete and masonry concerns. We are offering the following services to all our clients, concrete driveways, stamped concrete, pool decks, concrete pavers, concrete pouring, installing decorative concrete and concrete patios, and more. Our dedication and expertise allowed us to be one of the most preferred concrete and masonry contractors in the state.

Diamond Concrete Co offers concrete and masonry services regardless of the size, complexity and demands. We treat them equally and provide them with the same kind of professionalism all the time. Our crews have the right skills and experience to see to it that we can pull off any projects without any problem.

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Why Choose Us?

Diamond Concrete Co is a concrete and masonry company that values your business just as we take good care of ours. Our company strives to always be the best in the industry, to always be on time, on budget, if not under it, and still come up with the highest quality standards. Our company wants to provide clients with the optimum results at the least possible price. We aim to always be the best in what we do.

Why Hire Diamond Concrete Co for Your Concrete Projects?

There are lots of contracting companies today, but we boast of being the most efficient and the most economical concrete and masonry contractor in California. We have a long list of satisfied customers who are happy with the services that we have rendered to them.

Our skilled masons and technical workers can pull off any job even on short notice and still come out with the best result. And although our price is very competitive, we make sure that we are not compromising the quality of our work. We also ensure that all of the materials that we use are of high-quality.

Thanks to our machineries and tools, our company has the capability to provide you any concrete services that you need. Big or small, home or business scale, we guarantee, we will deliver the result.  Moreover, we make sure that all our concrete and masonry crew are trained with the latest in the business.

Services that We Offer:

For all your concrete and masonry needs, Diamond Concrete Co will definitely be there to provide you with the solutions. Here are just some of the services that we provide to our clients.

  • Stamped Driveways
  • Patios installation
  • Stamped patios
  • Pool decks, patios and foundations
  • Stamped concrete and concrete pavers
  • Concrete finishing, pouring, resurfacing and finishing
  • Decorative concrete
  • Stone masonry, brick masonry
  • Hardscape and landscaping services

These are just some of the many services that our company offers.  We have more services that we can offer to you. We can also tailor fit you need just to make your project work.  

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