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The photo shows the finished concrete pouring work in Diamond Bar.

Diamond Concrete Co. is your local concrete pouring contractor in Diamond Bar. They specialize in projects related to concrete and masonry, which include concrete patios, concrete driveways, walkways, concrete slabs, concrete pouring, and more.  We are committed to providing all our clients, big and small, with the same quality service while giving them a longer-lasting project. 

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Our company is equipped with the right tool and machinery to give you the optimum result, especially when it comes to concrete pouring services. We know how hard and daunting the task of pouring the concrete can be. There are lots of things to consider before you decide to do it yourself. The correct cement mixture, the concrete’s consistency, the right time to pour it, so on, and so forth, and when done by amateurs, the result can be a disaster. And instead of saving money, you may end up spending more. If you need a trusted and reliable concrete pouring specialist, kindly provide us with your data and send it to us using our contact form. We will be happy to provide you with all the details.

Regardless of how big or small your project is, whether it is a commercial scale or a home improvement task, you bet we are always ready to give our service. Our company ensures clients that all of their concrete or masonry projects can be completed without any glitch.   

While looking for a concrete pouring contractor can be easy today, knowing what the company can provide customers with high-quality service at a reasonable cost can be difficult. There are lots of concrete pouring contractors today, but only Diamond Concrete Co. can give you the optimal result you always wanted. This is made possible due to our highly trained professionals, hard-working artisans, masons, and concrete technicians, not to mention the right machinery and equipment that we have.

To give you an idea of how we at Diamond Concrete Co. can provide you with the best solutions, here are some of the processes that we strictly observe.

Speed of Pouring

Concrete can harden easily when not poured immediately. That is why our company follows strict guidelines regarding the right mixture and when to pour it. Our cement trucks can always provide you with fresh concrete, and we can always deliver it at a faster pace.


We know how the consistency of cement can affect your surface. It can either be too mushy or dry. Either way, that will affect the integrity of your structure. Of course, it is our trade secrets, but we can always help you pour concrete if you call us right now. 

Connect with us at (909) 417 – 7922, and we will handle the job every step of the way. Do not worry, absolutely no pressure. We will not force you to make a decision.

So, for all your concrete and masonry needs like patios, outdoor kitchen, pool deck, concrete driveways, concrete walkways, parking space, and concrete pouring, get in touch with our technicians. We will be happy to give you insights and suggestions on how we can make your project work.

 As a seasoned contractor, we know exactly when to start the project, how much it will cost you with very minimal waste (if there is any), and, most importantly, the timeframe of turning over the project. Diamond Concrete Co. has the concrete pumps and equipment that will help ensure that the project will be completed on time, easy on the pocket, and successfully.  You may fill out our contact form and expect a message from us. You may also visit us at our office for more details.