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The use of stained concrete for flooring applications is becoming popular, thanks to the numerous techniques being employed by concrete contractors to enhance the appearance of concrete. One of these many contractors is Diamond Concrete Co. We have been in the industry for years and have found ways to make concrete visually appealing using different techniques and methods.

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As a typical flooring alternative, stained concrete is very popular among concrete contractors as it offers lots of benefits. Commercial and residential owners are also turning to stained concrete for their patios, concrete floors, driveways, pool deck, and more. It gives them countless benefits, including low maintenance, durable, and affordable. And when executed by concrete experts, the finished product will come out visually appealing, match your landscape, and be integrated into decorative applications and architectural designs. If this sounds too intimidating for you, don’t be. Fill out our contact form, and we will explain how you can take advantage of the benefits of having stained concrete in Diamond Bar and how this innovative type of technique can increase the value of your home or property.

Diamond Concrete Co. has made things easier for you. We have come up with a few of our concrete stains design and techniques that you can choose from. Our ideas are limitless, but we can discuss this matter with you if you contact us right now.

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First on our list is the layered look. Our technicians and “artists” use multiple coats of three colors (usually brown, tans, and gray) to come up with a very unique and elegant looking flooring. Using one color at a time than covered by another until we can achieve what look we want, the result can be magnificent.

The leather look. This will make your driveway or parking space, even your pool deck and patio, a very distinct appeal. It highlights the cracks and imperfections mimicking a tough leather look. Our crew usually uses dark walnut-like color stains with some darker shade of gray to blend well with the cracks and uneven surface.

We also have a faux-finished look, which is usually found in most commercial establishments. This uses a solid base of stain, and the variegation is due to the three colors which we use and which also act as enhancers. We then splatter randomly it on the surface to give you that elegant finish.

Lastly, our technicians and concrete experts at Diamond Concrete Co. can suggest design and give you what your heart desires, all at a reasonable cost. We can turn your office floors, pool deck, driveways, patios, office spaces, and even walls into a work of art using concrete stains.

To recap, stained concrete is sought after not only by property owners but by concrete contractors as well as this can be appealing visually, durable, and resilient and eco-friendly. Moreover, our crew at Diamond Concrete Co. recommends stained concrete. This is water and moisture resistant, which will not make your floor or concrete lose its color, won’t rot, fade or eventually crack due to water seepage. It is also a good way to save energy as concrete absorbs heat during the summer and gradually releases it during the winter, significantly reducing your HVAC workload.

Lastly, it can be maintenance-free, occasional use of a mop or some re-polishing just enough to keep its luster. If you believe that this is what you want for your property, contact us right now. We will provide you with all the details and smart estimates. Do not worry, and we will not pressure you to make a decision immediately. You can also drop by at our office so we could discuss everything further.