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Natural stone is generally a magnificent option for almost all masonry projects. They are strong, durable, and nice-looking. For these reasons, we now see the upsurge of stone paver usage in the modern construction sector. For homeowners in Diamond city and its environs, the best selection for top quality stone pavers, stone walls, fireplaces, and other stone masonry projects rests with Diamond concrete and masonry. 

At Diamond concrete and masonry, we are driven by our passion and commitment to the client’s needs, meaning we can complete your next stone paving project at an affordable cost and with the least effort from your side. If you want a cost-effective solution to all your paving needs using a material well-known for its aesthetic appeal and resilience, call us at (909) 417-7922 to get a free estimate.

To know more about stone pavers in Diamond Bar, contact us at  (909) 417-7922.

Why Choose Stone Pavers?

As you may already know, natural stone is the most resilient construction material that has quickly become everybody’s favorite choice for many reasons. But their distinctive feature is in the huge variety of options it gives regarding its look and design choices. 

Stone pavers are gorgeous, but they also make some of the most durable structures in the building and construction industry. For homeowners who want a unique design that’s tailored to suit their landscape, natural stone gives tons of customizable options with varying characteristics. The allure of natural stone is tempting, and unsurprisingly, many landscape designers have tried to replicate this authenticity using concrete. 

Here are more reasons to add stone pavers to your patio, driveway, and pool deck;

  • Stone pavers enhance property value and curb appeal
  • They boast a natural beauty
  • Stone pavers are easy to maintain
  • They require low maintenance 
  • Natural stone is safe for many masonry projects
  • They give supreme versatility

Which Stone Pavers Should You Opt For?

Adding stone pavers to your landscape is a great way to improve its aesthetic appeal and property value. But the inevitable question is, what stone pavers should you use? Well, there are plenty of pavers that you can choose, depending on your location and taste. 

At Diamond concrete and masonry, we give plenty of options to help homeowners choose what will work best for their environment. Be rest assured to enjoy some of the best selections that are picked by our expert masonry team when working on your project. Give us a call at (909) 417-7922 for a comprehensive chat.

Our Top Stone Paver Selections


Travertine is loved for many reasons, and they look great in bathrooms and kitchens. If you want a combination of the ancient designs with a rare taste of modern world quality, travertine might be the most befitting option. 


You might have heard of granite countertops but unsure where to start. Don’t worry. We are here to help you make the best decision. For the best countertops and general kitchen spice up, you can never go wrong with this gorgeous material that gives efficient performance and limitless customization options. 


Cobblestone is another smart option for many stone paving projects. Perhaps its biggest upside is its rare mix of beauty and water-resistant ability. 

Stone Paver Installation

Stone pavers are naturally beautiful, but their installation process is never easy. Depending on your material choice and personality, you will need expert contractors with real-world knowledge and experience in handling every step. Diamond stone workers come to your service with the proper expert guidance and experience in stone paver installation and aftercare maintenance. All you have to do is give us a call at (909) 417-7922 to schedule an appointment with our team.